109 Start To The Season

We are all having a bit of déjàvu here at EMMA UK, last year at round 1 we reported a record attendance (http://www.emmanet.info/2017/05/03/uk-car-audio-competition-scene-setting-a-new-record/) , it appears we have beaten that record again with 109 entries over the two day event at Car Audio Security.

Car Audio Security is one of the biggest Car Audio Retailers in the UK with a massive showroom and now with an additional unit across the road. They managed to call all their pals with Ferrari’s and Lamborghini’s to put their “magnificent” cars on display in the new unit for us to enjoy. It was fun to be able to see the VW T5 with Ferrari wheels on and then walk around the corner to see the real thing.

Ashley and Daniel were absolute machines as the SPL lanes took a beating all weekend. ESPL W Limited had 15 cars in that category alone, just being in the top 10 of such monsters is an achievement itself let alone a trophy win. The rest of the UK Judge TEAM were just as busy hustling from one score sheet to another.

For those of you that braved the cold to go to CAS and push your car audio system to the limit over the two days, we salute you.

It was nice to see some of the car audio teams with new members joining them and kicking butt like Nick with his beautifully built Range Rover Sport (in Grey) coming first at this first event or Team members from the past coming out to play again like James Jarrett with his HERTZ Monster SPL Amplified Polo (http://caraudiosecurity.com/mp-15k-spl-monster-unlimited) from team high down.


League Table:


We are looking forward to the next event, Modified Nationals 25-27th May 2018. For tickets (that include a single Emma Entry in the price, please click here http://emmanet.uk/product/round-2-queue-jump-competitor-weekend-ticket/