Sound Quality Is On The Up!!!!

EMMA UK Round 1 SQ @ Celsus ICE

Kicked of the 2024 Championship season back on the south coast where we closed out 2023. With a bit of a damp start to the day it  did not dampen our spirits, a vast array of sound quality systems in attendance made up of seasoned competitors , plenty of fresh new faces maxing out Entry 3000 / Unlimited, Platinum In Car ,Sideline Audio, PSsounds & Subtronix all introducing NEW team members & some blasts from the past with TEAM Highdown making first appearance since 2019 rolling up with 4 cars, along with familiar faces from Bloomz Car Audio all of which made for quite a reunion.

With A HUGE thanks to all the Guys @ Celsus UK for opening their doors to us giving us the support & space needed to pull off these events, All the EMMA UK Staff & Judges and most of all to the competitors in attendance, putting in all the time, effort, commitment building these outstanding audio systems to be showcased.


Tuning StockPosition InstallSoundSPLTotalTEAM
Sandra Kirton1st 11344101158#PrettyLoud
Laimonas Kebla2nd8643101130PSsounds
Horst Starke 3rd8038101119NEXN
Tuning Custom UnlimitedPositionInstallSoundSPLTotalTEAM
Matthew Morgan1st9837101136MCC
SQ Entry 3000 euroPosition Install SoundTotalTEAM
Alexandru Caramizaru1st69216285Platinum In Car
Vicki Brighton2nd69200269SIdeline
Marcio Vieira3rd69184253VIBE
Ryan Timbrell4th69178247
SQ Entry UnlimitedPositionInstallSoundTotalTEAM
Gary Orford1st65222287PSsounds
Steve Lawrence2nd69216285
Chris Morris3rd69213282Subtronix
Tony Poulton4th69210279PSsounds
Nick Jackson5th69202271Subtronix
Phillip Haddow6th69197266Highdown
SQ Skilled 4000 euroPosition InstallSoundTotalTEAM
Nick Allen1st111252363Bloomz
Laura Hunter2nd113240353Subtronix
SQ Skilled UnlimitedPosition InstallSoundTotalTEAM
Matt Waite1st 115263378
Mark Jackson2nd115250365PSsounds
SQ Master OEM 4000 euroPositionInstallSoundTotalTEAM
Kevin Hall1st157269426
Horst Starke2nd150255405NEXN
Adam Halford3rd145253398Highdown
Brett Hartley4th161219380Sideline
SQ Master OEMPositionInstallSoundTotalTEAM
Peter Steinbacher1st161269429PSsounds
SQ Master 8000 euroPositionInstallSoundTotalTEAM
Daniel Kirton 1st 161263424#PrettyLoud
Matt Hall2nd161261422
Cristian Martin3rd155245400Tender Sounds
Jeremy Owen 4th 161239400Highdown
SQ Master LimitedPosition InstallSoundTotalTEAM
Laimonas Kebla1st160267427PSsounds
Matthew Morgan2nd157233390MCC
James Dunlop3rd147234381
SQ Master UnlimitedPositionInstallSoundTotalTEAM
Adam Daniels1st161248409Subtronix
SQ Expert Limited PositionInstallSoundTotal TEAM
Nigel Skingley1st231258489Audionutz
Am Singh2nd230243473Blade ICE
SQ Expert UnlimitedPositionInstallSoundTotalTEAM
Sandra Kirton 1st 231265496#PrettyLoud

Registration Is Now Open For Round 2 @ Stinger Solutions 22nd June:

Images from the event:

Celsus UK

HB photography