2023 EMMA SQ Round 5 & Championship Presentation.

Amidst the gentle patter of rain on the typically sun-kissed south coast, the curtains began to close on our thrilling EMMA UK Sound Quality Season 2023. Despite the weather, the unwavering competitive dedication we’ve witnessed all year endured. We were especially honoured to be hosted this round by Celsus ICE, home to some of the most renowned brands in the 12v industry, including Morel, Dynamat, Kicker, and more recently, Wavetec. (https://celsusice.co.uk/)

As the judges methodically worked through the competition cars, anticipation filled the air for some classes, as competitors brought their A-game for the day ahead. You see, not only was the event an excellent showcase of the diverse range of SQ audio cars that the UK scene has to offer, with bacon butties and a continuous flow of coffee available to all attendees during the morning half of the day, this was also the final opportunity for competitors to secure both Round 5 silverware and, in some cases, decisive league points, striving to be crowned UK Championship Winner and securing a coveted invitation to the EURO Finals.

To win a UK championship, competitors must accumulate the most points from each round of the competition throughout the year. The competitors who succeed the most consistently throughout the year and are therefore the most deserving are crowned UK championship winners and earn their place to represent the UK at the European finals, held in Austria. For those unfamiliar with the European finals, unlike the American World Series, more than one country attends this competition to determine the best of the best. Only the top two competitors from each class can attend and compete for the European title.

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to all competitors who poured their hearts, blood, sweat (and tears) into this season’s competition. A special salute to three competitors is necessary, as Sandra Kirton of Team GZ, Lee Dunston, and Pritesh Patel (both) from Team Platinum-In-Car have all achieved a flawless record of five 1st place victories out of all five rounds in the 2023 season. Please join me in sending them a message on Facebook to say well done; they deserve it.

For those who missed the action, have a look at what you missed in the event photo albums we have and view below the results.

Results for Round 5:

– Entry 3000

1st Place: Laura Hunter

2nd Place: Vicky Brighton

– Entry Unlimited

1st Place: Tony Poulton

2nd Place: Matt Waite

– Skilled OEM

1st Place: John Stokoe

2nd Place: Andy Webb

– Skilled Unlimited

1st Place: Neil Cubitt

2nd Place: Laimonas Kebla

3rd Place: Mark Jackson

– Master Limited

1st Place: Adam Daniels

2nd Place: Eduard Lonescu

3rd Place: Graham Crawley

4th Place: Matthew Morgan

5th Place: James Dunlop

– Master OEM

1st Place: Peter Steibacher

2nd Place: Daniel Kirton

– Master 5000

1st Place: Lee Dunston

2nd Place: Sandra Kirton

3rd Place: Matt Hall

– Master Unlimited

1st Place: Pritesh Patel

2nd Place: Horst Starke

3rd Place: Venkatramanan Panchapakes

– Expert Limited

1st Place: Am Singh

2nd Place: Nigel Skingley

– Expert Unlimited

1st Place: James Patterson

– Multimedia 2.1

1st Place: Laimonas Kebla

2nd Place: Pritesh Patel

3rd Place: Peter Steinbacher

4th Place: Daniel Kirton

– Tuning Stock

1st Place: Sandra Kirton

2nd Place: Laimonas Kebla

3rd Place: Mark Jackson

– Tuning Custom

1st Place: Graham Crawley

2nd Place: Matt Waite

Without further ado, let us proudly announce the mighty, the triumphant UK champions of 2023!!!!!:

– Entry 3000: Laura Hunter

– Entry Unlimited: Matt Waite

– Skilled OEM: John Stokoe

– Skilled 4000: Danny Barnett

– Skilled Unlimited: Neil Cubitt

– Master Limited: Adam Daniels

– Master OEM: Peter Steinbacher

– Master 5000: Lee Dunston

– Master Unlimited: Pritesh Patel

– Expert Limited: Am Singh

– Expert Unlimited: James Patterson

– Multimedia 2.1: Pritesh Patel

– Tuning Stock: Sandra Kirton

– Tuning Custom: Graham Crawley

We express our heartfelt gratitude to Mark Baker at Celsus ICE, Jon Knowles at Midbass Distribution, Grant at Audiowave, and Rebecca at NY500, without whom this season wouldn’t have been possible. We also extend our thanks to our esteemed Brand Partners: Audiowave, Brax, Edge, ESX, Gladen, Helix, Kicker, Match, Mosconi, Morel, Musway, Vibrofiltr, Vibe.

If you’ve always wanted to attend a car audio competition but aren’t quite sure what to do, all the information you need is on the website https://www.emmanet.info/competition/rules/. There is a rulebook, and we even share the judging book showing how we issue points. Everyone involved in the competition, be it judges, the back office, our hosts, brand sponsors, and competitors, would be more than happy to welcome you and help you join in on the fun. The key dates for next year will be announced soon – stay subscribed to our social media channels and that of our sponsors to stay in the loop. We look forward to welcoming you all back for the excitement that the next season promises to bring.

Cheers to both the Champions and other Competitors for their unwavering passion and dedication to the pursuit of excellence in sound quality.

Event In Photos: