Rockford Fosgate

In 1973, Jim Fosgate made a startling discovery while working in his garage in Arizona, USA. Mr. Fosgate realized that music and the human ear have different audio properties. The human ear didn’t have the same sonic “curve” or signature, which made lower frequencies sound different at low volumes than the actual music. Mr. Fosgate invented a solution, the Frequency Energizer, which would later become the patented Punch EQ. The Punch EQ adds a Bass Boost up to +18 dB at 45 Hz and a Treble Boost hinge filter active from 1 kHz to 20 kHz with up to +12 dB at 20 kHz resulting in better sound reproduction for your ears.

In other words, that’s a lot of control! Your entire driving environment – car windows, road noise and your annoying life mate that never stops yappin’ – all benefit from the musical energy that Punch EQ injects back into the system. The sound of THE PUNCH gave Mr. Fosgate’s first customers the impact that their music needed. Now that same PUNCH is the sound of Rockford Fosgate® and you can hear it in everything we make.